Reiki and Spirituality

One of the many aspects that comes up about Reiki is, “Is Reiki a spiritual thing?” “Do I have to believe in some specific faith to benefit from Reiki?”

The answer is quite simply, “No.”

…with caveats.

Reiki is not beholden to any particular Faith. Reiki Practitioners belong profess to follow many various Belief Systems, but are usually, in the general sense not, “Sceptic.”

Regardless of the faith one holds, what is important, with not what one believes, but that one does believe. As pointed out in this documentary about water, “Dr Masaru Emoto Hado Water Crystals Full Documentary 2017” our beliefs can impact the structure of water. our beliefs as expressed by our intentions, shape the world in which we live.

Reiki is the Universal Life Energy and it is guided by our intentions. Thus its healing capacity is influenced and directed, by the degree of our belief. It does not matter what we believe in, just as long as we believe, and direct that belief to shape our intentions and as a result the desire for healing through the channeling of Reiki energy.

A thought, Just for Today.

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