Change and Challenges

The last three months have been traumatic and cathartic, due to major upheavals in personal and family circumstances.Everything, and I mean, “Everything” has changed.

However, this change has given me pause to consider ALL my old assumptions and to fall back to contemplating the Reiki Precepts. In essence, Change is Life and Life is Change. To Live, one must Change.

If we do not or refuse to change to adapt to accommodate to meet and deal with the challenges before us, we are then, essentially, already dead. How we respond to Change and the challenges before us are what the Precepts are about, and what they are also trying to teach us.

Yet too many of us are responding automatically, habitually, as per our childhood programming or long developed habits at an older age. This reflexive response to challenges means that we do not consciously evaluate what is before us and what the challenge actually is.

Instead, we gather familiar cues from what is happening and our mind runs the automatic response. This results in us reliving and reinforcing old patterns, behaviours, and perceived past hurts. Instead of looking and considering if the situation or challenge is something new, we imprint on it, “Same excrement! Just a different day.”

In doing so, we ignore the possibility of change. We dismiss the idea that someone, or something has changed, or that any such change is possible at all. As a result we are held prisoner to past experiences and are doomed to relive, over and over, the events and traumas of the past.

One of the greatest applications of Reiki is in the area of Self-Healing. However, Whilst it gives us the energy, access to the universal Life Energy, to help us heal, forgive and come to love ourselves, I feel many of us lose the way.

The Precepts help to focus our attention but they are Negative Directives to which our brains, in particular our subconscious brain, struggles against. however there are some useful tools to help us with that struggle.

One such tool is called, “Focussing.” Developed by Gendlin in 1970’s it talks about a body sense, that shifts through guided internal inquiry. Using this tool whilst completing a Reiki Self-Treatment is a powerful way to direct and focus any Self-Treatment session.

Some other tools gaining in popularity today are EFT, Psych-K, Binaural Beats, and Solfeggi Frequencies. EFT Tapping can be used either before a Reiki Self-Healing so that during the healing self-reflection can take place. Psych-K is best used after a Reiki Self-Healing as it best done with a partner ad the Reiki Self-Treatment can help to focus on an issue to be addressed.

Binaural Beats, or Hemi-sync, aims to balance the left and right hemispheres of the brain by using shifted phase sounds with music overlays. This is best listened to through headphones and can be co-performed during any Reiki Self-Healing session. Similarly with Solfeggi Frequencies, especially where emotional trauma and healing needs a boost.

As with all things, Reiki is an adjunct to any proper treatment, and if you are suffering from deep and debilitating trauma, then seeking professional medical advice is highly advisable.Self-Healing, consciously facing and evaluating the challenges before us, and embracing not only, Change but the possibility of Change, is what Life is all about.

It has been said that repeating the same process, reaction, or response to the same challenge, and expecting a different outcome, is the essence of insanity. Our thinking or lack thereof, creates our choices and our choices shape our day to day reality.

Choices have consequences, not only for ourselves but for those around us and connected to us. If we want to change our circumstances, we need to first change our subconscious ways of thinking, lest we keep repeating the past. Embrace Change. Change is Life, and Life is Change.

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