I-Reiki is a concept. It embodies a positive affirmation, and statement of intent, that is, ” I (do) Reiki.”

Initially it was envisaged as a play on the iPhone naming spinoff concepts, but its not original and in order not to be confused with other, “iReiki” systems, I chose to embody my intention for practicing and sharing Reiki, with this form, “I-Reiki.”

Who am I? I am, “Tsc Tempest, DCA.” I am Australian, a House Husband, and a World Traveller. I now live in Shanghai.

I began my exploration of Reiki in the very early 1990’s. This was a time when alternative healing modalities started to gain, “New Age” recognition and support. I was first initiated into the USUI Method of Natural Healing, Level I by Ann Adcock in 1993.

In 1995, I was initiated into the USUI System of Natural Healing, Level II by the Buddhist Sannyasin, Russell Carlon who also introduced me to, what is now being called, Da Tanya Healing Symbols.

Each person’s path in Reiki is different, some are ready to go straight away, others like me, need to find a Space of Peace within Reiki. In 2015 I was initiated into the USUI System of Natural Healing, Master/Teacher Level by Julian Hobbs.

Since its introduction to the West, Reiki has undergone a transition from esoteric practice, to more or less mainstream acceptability, and is now widely recognised as being a valid support modality to mainstream medical treatment, to Corporate Health, and Personal Wellbeing.

Today, this is what I choose to do, and if I can help? Let me help you.

Just for Today…