There are many ways to relax such as, meditation, sitting in a chair, playing Tai Chi, going for a walk or swim, even sitting down and having a beer. But not all of theses methods are as effective at balancing the mental, physical and emotional energies in our bodies to allow us to build our health, and strength, and to recuperate from the stresses in our Daily Lives.

Reiki For Relaxation

Reiki, however has been increasingly used as an adjunct therapy to normal medical treatment in hospitals, as an intervention strategy in promoting and maintaining corporate health, and as a mechanism for assisted personal relaxation, and may prove to have some verifiable efficacy.

An assisted, personal, Reiki for Relaxation Session lasts between 30 to 60 minutes and involves lying on a massage table in the I-Reiki Studio. Soft, Meditative Music is played and an Essential Oil Diffuser lightens the mood in the room.

Reiki is not massage. It involve soft, light touch, and the channeling of healing, Universal Life Energy, through the Reiki Practitioner and their hands to you, with the Practitioner changing their hand position every two to three minutes, from head to foot.

You may feel at times the the practitioner’s hands are either very hot, cold, or neutral. This is natural and indicates that your body is responding to Reiki Energy and using what it needs.

As a result of a personal, Reiki for Relaxation Session, you will feel very relaxed at the end. On rising after a moment or two, you will usually feel very energised, relaxed, happy, and comfortable. You may even find that you have creatively solved a nagging problem or two.

If you’d like to book a personal, Reiki for Relaxation Session, feel free to contact me via Wechat [TscTempest]