The question, “What is Reiki?” is both simple and difficult to answer.

In essence it is a, healing hands, energy based, treatment system that involves soft touch and the periodic progress and change of hand position, along the body from head to toe.

A Reiki Practitioner is, “initiated” into Reiki Practice by a Master/Teacher who uses various symbols and Reiki Energy to, “open up” the Practitioner as a clear, Channel for Universal Life Energy.

A Reiki Practitioner does not use their own energy nor can they drain energy. They are in essence a one way pipe for the flow of healing natural life energy. We call this energy, Universal Life Energy. It is all around us, unlimited and abundant. A Reiki Practitioner may be able to assist you to access, focus and use this Universal Life Energy.

How did Reiki originate?

There are many stories about the origins of Reiki, so it is difficult to sort out the, “Myth for the Masses,” from actual fact. However, a few dedicated people have been diligently working on such research.

Simply put, Modern Reiki is attributed to Dr. Mikao Usui who established his system of Natural Healing in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s in Japan.

He established a procedure for Initiation, a methodology for Treatment and Diagnosis based on metaphysical principles, and whilst he wanted to share Reiki with everyone, he found that a Fair and Equitable Energy Exchange was necessary to place a proper and respectful value on Reiki Treatment.

In the intervening years many stories about Dr. Usui, as a person, his opening as a Reiki Channel, and his attainment of the four “Traditional” Reiki symbols, have been told and retold, often with flamboyant and flowery imagery that might resemble today’s, Lifestyle Marketing. Suffice to say, that Reiki and the Reiki Symbols are “believed’ by many Practitioners to be Buddhist in origin, and Japanese in interpretation.

Today, along with the four traditional symbols, many Reiki Practitioners have available to them a vast array of symbols, some attributed to Tibetan origin, some having been channeled through Reiki Spirit Guides and Ascended Masters, and some of alternative Buddhist origin, such as the Da Tanya Energy Symbols.

Like with many developing schools of thought there are differences in methodology between various branches of Reiki, especially in regards to treatment and ethical beliefs associated with fair and equitable “Energy Exchange.”

Whilst there is ongoing movement towards standardisation in the area of Certified Training, Certified Instruction, and Professional Registration, and in the area of alternative treatment methodologies, Reiki as it is taught globally is not a unified system of practice, especially when comparing the main branches of reiki as taught in Western Countries, with what is taught in Japan, where Reiki originated.

So, what Reiki do I-Reiki?

I am trained in the USUI System of Natural Healing, which was introduced to the West by the Hawaiian Grand Master/Teacher, Mrs. Takata. I have also been introduced to the Da Tanya Energy Symbols, which were revealed by the Buddhist Nun, Denise Da Tanya.

Most Reiki Practitioners are told the Lineage of their current Master/Teacher, i.e. who their Master/Teacher Trained with and the line of Master/Teachers back to Dr. Mikao Usui, as part of their training, and are then invited to add their name to this line. However, many Reiki Practitioners train with multiple masters, so the question of Lineage is an interesting side discussion.

With so many branches of Reiki today, I feel that there is global conflict for ownership and control of “Reiki” within the global Reiki community, especially between the east and the west. This is something I wish not to take part in, as I feel that much of the post-New Age, meta-psycho-physical, Channeled Guides, mumbo-jumbo currently packaged with many Reiki Treatment systems, is polluting and debasing the essential message and goals that Dr. Usui originally intended for his Reiki System.

As such, my focus and attitude to the study and the giving of Reiki is oriented towards practical application in its simplest form. I do not diagnose or treat medical ailments, such matters should always be referred to a medical professional. I will assist an ongoing treatment, if asked to do so, but in no primary capacity. I use aromatherapy and music purely for creating a calm and relaxing, low stress, environment, and I administer Reiki in the intuitive manner that was taught to me by all my Master/Teachers.

Today, I follow a, “Donation-based” doctrine of Energy Exchange for Reiki Treatment – where a person receiving treatment is invited to offer in return something of fair and reasonable value in exchange for the Reiki Treatment received, whether that is Monetary, a Gift, or an alternative Service, in nature.

The world in which we live in today is much conflicted, and Reiki is a means to share, boost and assist health and well being with all people where possible. Far too many people in this day and age are in need of Reiki’s beneficial healing and balancing energy, and all the while the World is getting all the more crazy. So…

Relax. Breath. I-Reiki.